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What we do right now?

Come and join us at Torquay’s first and only dedicated bouldering facility. Located within walking distance of Torre Abbey Sands, and Torquay Town Centre, The Boulder Bunker should not be missed! If you're new to bouldering, we have the best venue to get you started, and before you know it, you’ll be reaching new heights! If you already have bouldering in your bones, you won’t be disappointed. For those who don't know what bouldering is, it's ok, you don't need any experience, and equipment is not necessary. Bouldering is low level climbing without ropes with large foam mats beneath you. Let us show you the ropes wink

We have two rooms of fun. The first is our main hall, where we have a bright and spacious bouldering wall dominating the room. Our Warm up & Training room provides you with 10.5m of traversing wall, an impressive systems board for anyone wanting a challenge, campus board, Beastmaker finger boards, test your strength on our peg board, or there is fitness equipment and more. There really is something for everyone.

Fresh coffee, drinks and snacks can be purchased in the cafe, with free WIFI offering you the chance to relax and refresh yourself. Grab yourself a comfortable sofa and enjoy the view of the climbers. 

Come rain or shine, whatever your ability, come and join the fun!


Whether it's your Birthday, Hen or Stag do, or any other occasion, anyone from 5 years + can enjoy a Climbing Party at The Boulder Bunker. You can also hire the party room and bring your own food buffet, or why not order pizzas or take away. 

Our Climbing parties are generally 1 - 2 hours long. If you're booking an instructed party, your fully-trained instructor will meet everyone at reception, and get you climbing as quickly (and safely wink ) as possible! Your instructor will get everyone running around and warmed up and then get you all climbing the walls. 

All you've got to decide is if you want an instructed climbing party, or an uninstructed climbing party. Either way you and your guests will have a great time. 

Come and pick up your party invitations and sit back in the knowledge that we will ensure your party runs smoothly. It's fun and very energetic. You'll sleep well afterwards! Call 01803 293229 for our party rates smile


What is Bouldering?

If you think Bouldering is inferior to roped climbing, we challenge you to come along and have a go! We know you will have a change of heart!

Bouldering is a lower height form of climbing typically limited to a height of 4.5m. As there are no ropes, so to ensure everyone’s safety there is deep foam matting below the walls to help prevent injury from falling. As you don’t need any special equipment or instruction, you can make a workout as physical as you want it to be. If you’re not looking to do a monotonous workout, bouldering is the most fun you will have without feeling like you are working out! Bouldering is non-restrictive, fun, and very sociable.

You can challenge yourself when Bouldering. Focus on a sequence that really gets your muscles moving. Bouldering makes you more aware of your body. You can feel the strength and power build within each technical move. It can be a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge. Even if you are new to Bouldering, your mental challenge can be as hard, or as simple as you want it to be. You set the pace. You set the difficulty.

A bouldering route is referred to as a 'problem' and each bouldering problem is graded. We use colour coded holds so anyone can easily identify the problems. The aim of bouldering is to climb a colour coded bouldering problem of your choice from bottom to top, using only the specific colour coded holds designated for use on that particular problem.

Any Ability

Whatever your age; whatever your ability, you will be able to Boulder. We even have “Ladybird Problems” for our younger members. You could be a complete novice, or a national champion to be able to enjoy the facilities at The Boulder Bunker.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday = 12:00 - 10pm

Saturday & Sunday = 10:30am - 6pm

Bambino Boulderers (pre school sessions) = Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 10 - 12pm


Please Read The Rules Carefully

All adult climbers, and adults supervising children within The Boulder Bunker have to be registered members. Registration forms can be filled in upon your arrival or we can email a form to you upon request. 

Children 14+ may be signed off as unsupervised climbers with the mutual consent of the Management and a parent/guardian. Until they are signed off as unsupervised climbers, they have to be accompanied by a registered adult.

One adult can bring in up to Two children. This is to ensure everyone’s safety and well being.

Prices and Vouchers


    Peak = Weekends & After 4pm on weekdays, Infant = Under 5s, Junior = Ages 5-18, Concession = Student, OAP, Military & Blue Light (Fire, Police & NHS)

  •     Annual Registration - £6
  •     Guest Registration - £2 (Max validity 1 week)
  •     Adult (peak) - £7.80
  •     Adult (off peak) - £6
  •     Concession (peak) - £7
  •     Concession (off peak) - £5.50
  •     Junior (peak & off peak) - £5.50
  •     Infant (peak) - £4.50
  •     Infant (off peak) - £3.60
  •     Guest climber (peak) - £8.50
  •     Guest climber (off peak) - £7.80
  •     Shoe Hire - £2.50
  •     Chalk & Chalk Bag Hire - £1.50


Family Memberships:
6 Monthly:

  •     Monthly - £39
  •     6 Monthly - £200
  •     Annual - £370
  •     Junior Monthly - £27
  •     1 Adult + 1 Child - £250
  •     1 Adult + 2 Children - £275
  •     2 Adult + 2 Children - £400
  •     Couple - £350
  •     1 Adult + 1 Child - £440
  •     1 Adult + 2 Children - £490
  •     2 Adult + 2 Children - £740